The Mistakes That Will Ruin Your New Locks

What are some of the biggest mistakes that can ruin your hair extensions? Find out below!

  • Fussing over them too much – you may have bought some high-quality long hair extensions online, but the advice of not fussing too much over your hair still applies. Hair extensions should be touched only when you need to wash them, comb or maintain them – it is best to avoid touching them at other times, and too much in general. This is because you can build up friction, which over time, can weaken your hair. You might want to show off your new hair locks, but make sure to not pass your fingers through them all day long if you want them to last for long!
  • Avoid ponytails – most cheap clip in hair extensions tend to get damaged if you try to put them in ponytails. Too tightly pulled hair extensions will gradually see their beads, tape and bonds come loose. Also remember that whilst ponytails are the main culprit, similarly taxing, tight hairstyles such as tight buns have a similar effect as well. Check the instructions or packaging that came with the extensions – extensions that are safe to be put up in ponytails will usually expressly mention this. If this is not stated, then it best to believe that they are not to be put up in ponytails; after all, it is best to be safe than sorry!
  • Brushing too often – hair extensions have to be brushed regularly in order to avoid tangles, but certain users make the mistake of brushing them too often. Over-brushing can actually become detrimental to the hair extensions, especially if you use plastic combs – this is because brushing creates friction, and friction eventually leads to the weakened hair strands to become matted. Accordingly, as a general rule, stick to combing your hair extensions once per day, and stop once the extensions are properly tangle-free.
  • Wrong styling routines – generally, applying heat to hair extensions has been discouraged because these tend to be much more fragile than your average natural hair. Nonetheless, many women do stylize their extensions, which means that as long as you are careful about what you do, you can reduce the damage to the On the other hand, if you are careless, you can easily cause irrevocable damage to your hair, and a good example of this is applying heat to wet hair. This is basically akin to frying them – the large amounts of moisture in the hair extensions are all vaporized at once. As with natural hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant before passing the irons through your extensions. For more information, please go to this