Month: January 2018

Lighting Your Workplace Efficiently

Your workplace should not just be efficient and functional but also represent your company image. A pleasant and attractive workplace will signal positivity and appeal while also creating an enhanced work place environment for the employees. Therefore when thinking about the workplace ambience, one of the most important aspects is the lighting. Lighting can be a huge factor in uplifting the general look of the workplace while also increasing the functionality of the environment. Therefore it is a major component which requires considerable attention. So the next time you think about a facelift to the general lighting of the office, you should keep the following in mind for a more productive usage.RGB LED strip controller

Understanding the need

Your office space will require more complex lighting than you think. The best way to start off is by categorizing your lighting needs in order to have a good understanding of the increments. For general ease, the functions of lighting can be broadly classified into four groups. They are General Lighting, Task Lighting, Decorative and Accent Lighting. Depending on the scale and type of business, you will need varied degrees of the above classifications. General Lighting (Ambience Lighting) is the principal light source for the space. Task Lighting is lighting directed towards a specific task such as the washrooms, store rooms and kitchen. While Decorative ad Accent lighting sounds similar, the primary different between the two is that Accent lighting is usually directed towards amplifying or highlighting a feature such as windows, signboards and paintings while decorative lighting are decor pieces on their own. A basic understanding of this dynamic is important since having an LED light controller is useful for accent lighting, it could be cumbersome for general lighting.

Light Manipulation

This is also a very important factor which can be used for your advantage to provide more lighting for less cost. Through the use of mechanisms such as mirrors ad glass panes, you can ,manipulate light from a small number of sources to spread out and amplify over a much larger area. This is extremely useful for spaces with product placement and other similar situations.


Be mindful about the sustainability of your lighting system. It is always better to purchase more durable and long lasting products since it will avoid replacement costs. Further more, the installation of control systems such as a RGB LED strip controller will improve customization while also reducing unnecessary costs. This will also provide you with a wider range of functions being available through your lighting. In conclusion, it is all about what you want your workplace to portray. Since it is the face of your business, focusing on lighting and its wellbeing through the above points will go a long way.