Month: February 2019

Reasons Why You Should Be Prioritizing Mental Health

The state of mind you are in affects your overall wellbeing whether you realize it or not. Therefore, ensuring a healthy and stable mind is an especially necessary factor given the lifestyles we follow and the society we live in. So here are some reasons why you should be prioritizing this factor just like any other.

Live a longer life

Depression mentioned in just about any mental health awareness course, is an extreme situation that occurs with the depreciation of one’s state of mind. The more you feel worthless and find life to be complete meaningless, no matter how much you try to pull your act together there is no way you can overcome this state of mind. However, if symptoms of this mental disease were detected before time, the chances are that you would be able to maintain a positive sense of mind creating a path in leading a happier and longer life. Therefore, if you feel changes taking place within your mind and body, it is best to consult a therapist especially if you find it unable to overcome by yourself.

Healthier physically

Your mind and brain are in control of the entire functioning process of your body. If your mind is healthy and strong, the more motivated you would be to perform well at work and in your life in general. Thus making you healthier physically as well. Have you ever wondered why you end up hurting the people around you unconsciously when you are in pain physically or how something bad that happen at work ends up with a bloody hand needing emergency response training,especially if you have anger management issues? All these are clear examples that show the connection between your mind and body. So if you want to live a physically strong and healthy life, it is recommended that you take better care of your mental health.

Greater productivity

Your work is mostly graded based on your performance and goal achievement. The more progress you make the better you pay and the more recognized you would be. However, to be able to perform at such a level you need to ensure that you maintain productivity. Your productivity is a direct reflection of your mental state. If you are motivated to do well, then your productivity would increase. Thus being able to achieve more goals and tasks. However, if it were the opposite then you would only end up procrastinating work and performing so bad that you might even end up being fired. So making an effort to maintain a healthy state of mind is an essential factor of success in anything and everything. Prioritize your mental health as much as you would for some sort of ailment or the other. Although you might not see the physical wound, it has a much bigger impact on your entire life!

Celebrate Every Special Day Of Your Life

Life is a very precious gift from God. You only live once so you should enjoy every moment of your life. You should celebrate every special day of your life because celebrating your special days creates lasting memories which stay with you until you die. When you are living the last days of your life, you think about your life that what you did in your whole life and when you have good memories, you die peacefully and happily. And when you live your life without any celebrations and happiness, you regret that you lived your whole life without any joy. So you should celebrate every special day of your life so that you die with good memories. Let us talk about some special days that mean a lot for every person.


Birthday comes every year but it only comes once a year. Celebrating a birthday is very common these days. People usually celebrate it with their friends because friends are the people that make your day even more worth remembering. People like sharing their happiness with their friends because they support you no matter where you stand. Birthdays should be celebrated with friends and family and a good venue and good food makes your birthday even more special.


Christmas is the most awaiting day of the year. People start preparations for Christmas a month before the event. They arrange a Christmas party where they gather with family and friends to celebrate their day and make it special. People try to do their best for the Christmas party and they arrange everything in the best way and they choose the best corporate christmas party ideas where they get every facility like food, ambience etc.


Anniversary is a very special day for couples. This day brings back all the memories they have shared with each other so they celebrate it every year by giving surprises to their partners. Some people like celebrating it privately and some like to arrange a party for this special day where they invite their friends and family. They also prefer to choose the venue that looks romantic and intimate.

Bridal Shower:

Bridal shower is celebrated by girls when one of these girls is getting married. It is usually a small party where girls get together and the bride cuts cake, girls take pictures and enjoy food and music and do the things that create lasting memories.

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Repercussions Of Late Debt Repayments…

Taking loans, bearing the debts and then repayment of the same debt is something really difficult sometimes. Usually people forget to analyze their own repayment capacity and financial abilities due to which, unrealistic goals are set by such people and eventually they get hurt because of heavy debt burden. As a result of the above mentioned it is advised to keep in view some permanent black marks which may ruin the overall image of a person’s credit history.

Credit reports: In countries like Australia, UK and USA they update credit report of each individual (who is a taxpayer and possesses a TIN or SSN). As a consequence of late debt repayments people get credit ratings by the collection agencies (just like company get credit ratings) even the relevant bank also provides the credit feedbacks regarding the culprits (defaulter clients). In the long run these people cannot manage to get a loan ever. It’s like a permanent report which keeps on going until the person dies or change the country. Visit this link for more info on credit reporting.

Collector calls: in case of abnormal delays in debt repayments, financial institutions hire debt collection agencies to handle the cases thoroughly. Since the agencies are paid heavily for the recovery job, debt collectors pressurize the debtor for the repayment. Yes! There are certain rules and laws for the recovery treatment but, still there are certain agencies which never follow such laws and regulations (and to handle such agencies become very tough for the debtor). Negative publicity, negative media exposure and unbearable mental stress are some common gifts by collection agencies. Constant calling is even worse than credit reports as it mentally hurts the debtor.

Unfavorable rates: since the financial institutions get feedback from almost every collector agencies they get to know easily about the bad credit image of a person. So much so in Australia they have made an online portal where they have consolidated all the details and date regarding debtors (those who have defaulted or bankrupt companies) after searching the names of that portal they decide the offering interest rates. So fellas! If you are planning to ditch them for the debt repayment; think again because after this you may not be able to get favorable and flexible interest rates ever in that country.

Job hunting:  Debts are considered an important aspect in a businessperson’s life but, salaried persons are also not far from this danger. In this expensive era things are beyond reach of a common person, they take loans and in case of a default (for a salaried person) getting a suitable job becomes the toughest activity of life. In reality they usually fire the defaulter because of poor commitment abilities. Shady images are totally unwanted in reputable companies.

There are so many other repercussions which cannot be imagined and understood. The above mentioned are considered on a lighter note but, lawsuits and names blocked in the exit control lists are some really ‘must not haves’ for a person.