The Body Battling An Invisible Enemy

Diseases are scary things. They remove you from your normal and perfect state, and make your body betray you, and depended on others for survival. In a world full of artificial products, diseases are lurking behind seemingly innocent things.
Types of Diseases
Think about dangerous and terrifying viruses like Dengue, Ebola, Smallpox, Influenza, HIV/AIDS, Rotavirus, Hantavirus, Marburg and Rabies that affected, and still affect various people around the globe. They took thousands of human lives. Some of the viruses mentioned above, like HIV is a dangerous entity without a cure.
Think about all types of skin, mouth, breast, pancreatic, heart, brain, stomach cancers out there. Though there seems to be several effective methods to cure cancer, the death toll is still high, considering the facts that different cancers react differently within the body, and with the medicine given to battle the cancer. In essence a proper cure for cancer still hasn’t been found. Moreover cancer seems to rise in popularity among the diseases contradicted by people, surpassing heart diseases and hypertension, because the world we live in now, is so unnatural and artificial.
Moving away from terrifying diseases, the common cold, fevers, nose bleeds are still a common occurrence, especially among the vulnerable groups in society like infants, children, pregnant ladies and old people.
Evolution of Diseases
There are so many types of diseases out there, and new diseases are cropping up day after day. For example, the Dengue mosquito spreading the Dengue virus, after being eradicated from the environment, can come back, as a more dangerous creature, carrying a modified virus, that will cause the previous medicine used to treat it, to be ineffective. 
How to Battle Diseases
The artificial products we consume and use are a reason for the rise of some diseases like cancer. The various cosmetic products we use on our skin can cause skin cancer. So people need to beware of the products they use on their body, and take preventive measures, by using trusted and quality brands.
Eating acidic foods, and then starving one’s body to lose some weight, will cause gastritis, which in severe cases will turn to stomach cancer. Buying an acidic water filter, will ensure the acidic levels in the body don’t rise. There are over 200 diseases a person can contradict due to acidosis like diarrhea, asthma, TB, scleroderma, hay-fever, cystitis, colitis, schizophrenia and Hodgkin’s disease. So maintaining the right pH level within the body is important.
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Syphilis, Herpes, AIDS are the embarrassing illnesses, people are usually afraid to talk about, when they contradict them. Taking proper precautions like using condoms, contraceptive pills, when having sex are ways of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, which can rob you of a normal life. These are diseases that can ostracize you from society.
Although diseases can be terrifying, with the correct measures they can be prevented. If you do contradict them, modern medicine has made marvels, and will continue to make marvels, to cure people from the invisible, yet dangerous diseases around them. Research and Development are continuously making new drugs to battle diseases. But prevention is truly better than cure, and it is better to be safe than sorry.