Purchasing A Menstrual Cup

Made of latex, silicon or TPE a menstrual cup is an alternative for a tampon or pad. There are varieties of brands and sizes that the cup comes in that it is essential to know how to choose the best one for you. Do your research and learn more about menstrual cups and how they really work. While menstrual cups are healthier, more economical than buying tampons of pads every month as menstrual cups can be used for up to ten years and more convenient if you are living in society where cups are not used it may seem strange to you.

To determine the length of the menstrual cu you are going to require first you need to measure your cervix for menstrual cups. Some cups are longer while other are shorter and so it is important to know how far up your vagina your cervix is.

Try measuring your cervix while on your period as the position of the cervix could differ from when you’re dry. The cervix feels like the tip of the nose with an indentation in the middle. You must also consider how heavy your flow is to determine the type of up you’re going to choose. There is various aesthetics to these cups. Some come coloured and have different types of finishes with some containing a grip ring. All these characteristics depend on the brand you will be choosing. You must choose the best menstrual cup for you.

No that the length, capacity and aesthetics is considered it would be really easy to pick a brand. You can either purchase your cup online or in store. Along with the cup you will get instructions on how to use it and clean it. Age does not matter when it comes to buy menstrual cup.

Even virgins can use menstrual cups and those who have had babies. Silicon is considered to be the best material a menstrual cup is made of because silicon is durable and it can last long. Moreover, silicon doesn’t grow bacteria.

Some major brands of menstrual cups are Cup Lee, Diva Cup, Femmecup, Fleur cup, JuJu Cup, Instead Soft cup, Iris cup, Keeper and US Moon Cup, Lady cup and colour cups, Lunette, Me Luna, Miacup, Miss Cup, Moon cup (UK), Mpower cup, Natural Mamma, Naturcup, she cups, Sl-Bell cup and Yuuki.

A menstrual cup with a hollow step is harder to clean than one with a solid stem for kegel weights https://pelvi.com/. A firm cup would pop open very easily but you may feel it when wearing it. If the cup gets lost inside the cervix, simply relaxing and squatting may help remove it.